The week ahead: Remembering 9/11; MBIA vs. BofA; Obama vs. Romney

Welcome back to the office after the long Labor Day weekend…

JOBS will be all the rage this week, as President Obama and Mitt Romney both unveil extensive plans for creating jobs and rescuing the economy. Also, Fed Chairman Bernanke will give a speech on Thursday (same day as Obama’s address).

DOOM AND GLOOM? While U.S. markets were closed for the holiday, international markets continued to slip – WSJ’s 4-column headline “Europe Signals Global Gloom” says it all.

WITH THE 9/11 ANNIVERSARY fast approaching, the media will undoubtedly feature round-the-clock coverage of where we stand at the ten-year anniversary. At Inside Track, we remind you to say a prayer this week for the families and friends of the victims and to keep it all in perspective – there are some things that are bigger than the news.

MBIA Inc., the Armonk-based bond insurance giant, will face off with BofA-owned Countrywide Home Loans in the NY State Supreme Court later this fall; later this week we’ll tell you how big the implications will be for the insurer and for the country’s largest bank in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis. HINT: BofA execs have billions of reasons to be worried.

2 thoughts on “The week ahead: Remembering 9/11; MBIA vs. BofA; Obama vs. Romney

  1. Where is the follow-up on MBIA vs BOA?

    You posted that ‘later this week’ you would give more information about the implications for both parties…

    • The follow-up was delayed because a corresponding news story was delayed. The news story will appear online on 9/16 and in the 9/19 issue of the Westchester County Business Journal. I will comment on the article’s findings once the article is posted online. Thanks for reading ~ Inside Track

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