At first glance: Tuesday 9/27

Driving the day: Today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former President Bill Clinton will both speak at the “New York Open for Business” statewide conference (speeches are at 10 a.m. and at noon). The event is part of joint efforts between Cuomo’s office and the various economic development organizations across the state to attract new businesses to New York, which has ranked near the bottom of the barrel in recent polls that examine the cost of doing business and the overall business environment in a particular state.

Stock Outlook: When dealing in the stock market, do as the Europeans do – that is to say, when Europe is happy, so are U.S. markets. European stock markets all look to be performing well thus far today on continued hope that action will be taken to address the debt crisis.

By The Numbers: 79, as in the number of U.S. senators who voted to approve a 7-week extension of financing for government agencies that would have run out of cash by the end of the business week.


>Senate reaches deal to avert government shutdown (New York Times)

>Mastercard, Visa mulling higher debit purchase fees for merchants (Wall Street Journal)

>M&As involving medical tech companies double in value in 2010 (Bloomberg)

>Westchester jobs picture upbeat (Westchester County Business Journal)

Sports Blink: MLB wild card races coming down to the wire – in the AL the Rays tie the Red Sox, Braves lead the Cardinals by one game in the NL. Cowboys beat the Redskins 18-16 on Monday Night Football without scoring a single touchdown.


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