Siena College poll shows New Yorkers are pissed off about the economy

Busy day today – my apologies for not having a more thorough post but more to come tomorrow.

BREAKING NEWS: It is still raining. The Bronx River is still flooding.

In all seriousness, Siena College released a poll today that queried New York residents about their feelings on the economic climate. Some snippets:

  • 50% of those polled said the country’s best economic days have passed it by (up from 47% who shared that sentiment in 2010 and 45% in 2009).
  • 64% believe government is not helping the nation’s economy.
  • 56% have withdrawn money from savings or retirement funds to meet daily expenses since 2007.
  • 30% said they lost a job during the past four years.

Check back in the a.m. for some analysis!