Iona College gets real-time trading floor

I wrote an article for the Sept. 5 edition of the Westchester County Business Journal that featured the Hagan School at Iona College, which recently installed a real-time trading floor – complete with 12 Bloomberg Professional terminals and lots of fancy financial analysis equipment – that is set to open in early October. (See the full coverage here).

Dean Vincent Calluzzo of the Hagan School spoke on the importance of having such tools available for all of the business school’s 1,100 undergraduate students:

“I expect closer ties with a lot of the investment banking companies. I think this is a quantum leap forward for our students to be prepared for the business world. …There aren’t as many jobs, but for the people who get them the awards are phenomenal.”

My two cents: Good for Iona, because if I’m a high school kid looking to attend a top-notch business school, the Hagan School now shoots to the top of my list. Employers in every industry sector, from finance to law to health care, want candidates who have hands-on experience. For financial trading companies, how much more hands-on can you get, short of being on the NYSE trading floor? Good for the Hagan School and Calluzzo for making this happen.