THIS JUST IN – White Plains health care company to add 155 jobs

UPDATE: Check out the complete story from the Westchester County Business Journal here.


OrthoNet Holdings Inc., a White Plains health care services company that works primarily with orthopedic care providers and patients, announced a $4.5 million expansion that will allow the company to remain in White Plains and to add 155 new jobs in the process.

Notably, the taxpayers of the great State of New York will be footing the bill for $3 million of that expansion, courtesy of tax credits from Empire State Development.

Still, 155 jobs is nothing to scoff at. The company had been planning a move of its 350 current White Plains employees to Connecticut, according to County Executive Rob Astorino’s office, meaning the move not only saves 350 jobs but adds 155 future positions.

“We are excited about keeping and expanding our business in Westchester,” said Roger Shedlin, president and CEO of OrthoNet. “This means our excellent local workforce will not face relocation or disruption.”